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Mr. Winchester is a CLP (Certified Leasing Professional) as designated by the CLP Foundation he served on the CLP board. ComCo is a twenty year member of the NAELB (National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers) and served eight plus years on their board of directors and chaired many education seminars for the association.

The name was changed to ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. to reflect the more diverse customer mix and equipment leased. ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. has expertise in tax-free municipal leasing and handles leasing for over forty (40) banks in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri. In 2010 the Co-Op OneWorld Leasing, Inc. that ComCo is a charter member of was named the preferred provider for all of the 6,000 plus member banks of ICBA (Independent Community Bank Association) giving us access to Banks looking to finance equipment as they move out of real estate financing. The combined Co-Op members finance more than $350,000,000 dollars of equipment annually.

The company also offers lease financing and consulting advice on refinancing for capital expenditures. Representatives of ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. work with companies to help determine whether leasing or buying is the more economical based on individual company’s financial position.

The biggest challenge ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. executives currently face is the need to fully educate clients about the changes in tax laws and the impact those changes have on their bottom line. Tax issues are becoming increasingly complex, requiring ComCo employees to spend significant amounts of time in training seminars to enable them to better serve their clients.

The company also works closely with vendors of equipment (medical, manufacturing, construction, restaurant, computers, software, office) to help them use leasing as a sales tool. This avenue of marketing company services has had a significant effect on the number of leases managed by ComCo. ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. is a charter member of the only leasing CO-OP, OneWorld Leasing, Inc. and Mr. Winchester is the former Chairman of the Board.

The personalized attention to each company’s unique financial needs are what President John Winchester believes is the prime factor for the Company’s success and growth.