Leasing made simple and friendly.
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Conserve Your Working Capital

ComCo-OneWorld, Inc. aids your business to be in a position which is favorable for cash flow.

  • Leasing avoids tying up your cash in equipment so it's available for unforseen expenses.
  • Leasing does not affect borrowing limits at your bank.
  • Leasing will not adversely affect your personal credit but loans or carrying a large balance on your credit cards does.

Improves Cash Flow
We can structure unique payment schedules to match your cash flow.

Tax Benefits
You may be able to take advantage of depcreciation & expense write-offs that significantly
affect your bottom line.

Avoid Obsolescence
Easily upgrade or add on equipment

Total Systems Solution
Equipment, software, installation, training, maintenance & other service can be packaged into a lease.

Convenient & Simple

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